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Our company is the greatest example of a Possum Removal Strathfield business that goes a long way for its customers. We always advocate serving you with an expert possum removal service. Pest Control Strathfield is a professional possum removal firm, and we are proud of the excellent customer service that we provide in addition to our compassionate treatment of the pests. We are trained professionals that are able to remove possums from your house and property. Give us a call on 02 3813 8764 if you are interested in learning more about our expert possum removal services available in your region. We are an honest and experienced possum removal firm, and we are known for the excellent service that we perform in all types of Possum Control Strathfield.

Get Affordable Possum Removal Strathfield For Residential & Commercial Premises

We are one of the most affordable professionals in the industry, providing Possum Removal Strathfield that is both professional and affordable. Our whole team of possum catchers Strathfield has the necessary credentials to carry out expert possum removal techniques in residential and commercial properties. We make use of the most up-to-date technology, which enables us to generate results that are extraordinary in every way. 

Because of the years of dependable service we’ve provided, we’ve become one of the most in-demand businesses that can provide high-quality outcomes on the same day an appointment is scheduled. Our same-day dead possum removal Strathfield services promise you our on-time presence on your property. After confirming your appointment, we will be at your place within the hour to do the task.

Importance Of Removing Dead Possums

If you believe that it is normal to leave a dead possum at a location, then you are most likely opening the door for some unfortunate events to occur in your life. If you keep a dead animal in your home, it may make you sick, make you feel uncomfortable, and make your house smell terrible. These issues may seem minor at first, but they will ultimately develop into potentially life-threatening disorders. In addition, if you believe that the possum removal Strathfield cost is beyond your financial means, you could not be more incorrect. Please give us a call for a free estimate. However, you should never disregard the situation and merely assume increased charges. We at Pest Control Strathfield have compiled a list of some of the issues that might arise when there is a dead rat in the house:

  • Possum corpses serve as incubators for a wide variety of different pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Problems with breathing and overall health may be brought on by these germs.
  • One of the things that might put you at risk of becoming sick is the discovery of a dead rat at your house or at your place of work.

End To End Possum Pest Control Process We Opt-in Strathfield

Suppose you discover a possum on your property in Strathfield. In that case, you should immediately contact our qualified possum catcher Strathfield to rectify the situation. After receiving confirmation of your booking, our certified possum catchers will make haste to get to your location as soon as possible. To our customers’ relief, we are able to do Possum Removal Strathfield on the same day, around the clock. To assure the humane and effective removal of possums from your home or commercial property, we adhere to a comprehensive protocol, which includes the following steps:

Step 1: Inspection 

Our crew will inspect any potential possum infestation spots when we arrive at your location. We will investigate all potential entrance points as well as hiding places. Our trained experts use cutting-edge equipment to conduct rigorous checks, which are only possible thanks to their expertise.

Step 2: Treatment

The inspection results will serve as the basis for formulating a strategy for possum control. Before we begin the treatment, a staff member will go through the procedure with you, as well as the schedule for the possum pest control Strathfield plan and expected results. After receiving your go-ahead on the treatment plan, we will commence the humane capture and removal of the possums. Possums may be captured with the assistance of our beneficial person, who will build up creative cages. Suppose you have a possum that has passed away. In that case, we will inspect the surrounding area, including the roof inside, to remove it as soon as possible. Also, we leave possums at least 50m away from the capturing site. 

Step 3: Documentation 

After humanely removing the possums from your property, our knowledgeable team will do a second thorough inspection of your land to determine whether or not we missed any further likely hiding places. We will construct plastic barriers and install them to stop possums from entering your property zone and causing damage. After the inspection and treatment are complete, the paperwork for the treatment that was performed will be provided to you by our experienced removalists. This paperwork contains everything, from the pricing to the process, as well as all of the other items linked to the treatment done on the site.

Why Hire Our Possum Removal Company In Strathfield?

On residential and commercial properties, our possum control Strathfield business has years of expertise and research to give the best solution for possum management. 

  • Our team provides consistent assistance for same-day and emergency services. We will arrive at your home within an hour of your appointment confirmation.
  • The Wildlife Act makes it imperative that possums be securely removed by a professional like us. 
  • We only use the most up-to-date equipment to ensure the safe removal of possums from your property. 
  • The possums’ nasty odor may also be eliminated using nature-friendly solutions that our team has at their disposal.
  • Our possum extermination services are available at any time. 

Book us immediately for possum control services at a reasonable price for your homes and businesses! We’re here whenever you need us.


Is it possible for me to remove the possum carcasses from my home by myself?

If you don’t take the required measures while handling the deceased possums, you may have difficulty removing them yourself. To ensure your safety, it’s best to leave this task to the specialists.

After you’ve removed the deceased possum, do you clean the area?

Definitely! We thoroughly sanitize the area to ensure no risk of sickness or infection.

Do Possums Have a Long Life Span?

This, too, is method-dependent. The vast majority of opossums will leave your property within two to three days without your intervention. Suppose the opossum is accessible and can be captured with a trap pole or by hand. In that case, professional Possum Removal Strathfield may begin immediately. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, trapping a possum might take a few days.

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