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All residential and commercial properties in Strathfield may take advantage of the superior Bee and Wasp Removal Strathfield services that we provide. Pest Control Strathfield offers reasonably priced options for the prevention and elimination of any and all bee and wasp problems. All may benefit from the expertise of our pest control technicians, who are trained to provide their services. 

Every single bee hive removal Strathfield inspection, spray application, and consultation we provide is assured to offer the best possible outcome at the most affordable cost. Professional quality is included with every purchase of our Bee and Wasp Removal Strathfield service. We will try our level best to satisfy clients by providing promising service to them. So just call on 02 3813 8764 to connect. 

Types of Bees And Wasps We Remove

There are several kinds of Bees and Wasps that exist in the environment. Our professional experts deal with all types of these annoying insects like: 

  • Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera)

The honey bee is a honey-coloured insect about half an inch long and covered with hair. Wasps that seem like yellow jackets but are really black and brilliant yellow should not be mistaken for these. These swarms often land on trees and buildings while the worker bees send out scouts to locate a suitable location for a new hive.

  • Bumble Bee (Bombus Spp.)

Bumble bees are easily identifiable by their characteristic buzzing sound and fuzzy, yellow and black striped bodies. Nests of up to 200 bumble bees, about half an inch to an inch in length, may be found in abandoned rat burrows, beneath porches, and in-wall voids.

  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa Virginica)

This bee resembles the bumble bee, but its abdomen is glossy and completely black, while the abdomen of the bumblebee is fuzzy, black and yellow. Carpenter bees are solitary insects, in contrast to bumble bees.

  • Paper Wasps (Polistes spp.)

Paper wasps may be the most frequent kind of wasp found near buildings. They are famous as “umbrella wasps” for their nests resemble umbrellas hung in an inverted position from overhangs and eaves.

  • Yellowjackets (Vespula spp, Paravespula spp.)

Yellowjackets are, in reality, wasps, despite the common misconception that they are “bees.” yellowjackets are responsible for more human injuries than any other form of wasp or bee combined. Yellowjackets are notoriously hostile, and their abdomens, which are striped with black and brilliant yellow, serve as an unambiguous warning.

  • Hornets (Dolichovespula maculata and Vespa crabro)

The bald-faced is a bigger type of yellowjacket and is approximately three-quarters of an inch in length. It is black & white and has a white face. The nest is a typical papery oval about the size of a basketball hanging from the branches of trees and buildings.

Our Bees & Wasps Removal Process

Our highly trained and experienced Bee and Wasp Removal Strathfield team provide solutions that are both safe and effective for all of the properties. Because of our extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge, you can rely on us to deliver efficient bee removal services in line with the laws of the surrounding area, ensuring that your home and place of business are both pest-free and in compliance.

  • We determine the specific species of bees or wasps that are causing damage to your house or property. Because this is essential to dismantle the nest for good properly, this may be the most critical stage. Our bee exterminator Strathfield customises its approach to treatment based on the kind of bug they are removing.
  • Now it is at last time for the treatment to begin. Our professional may utilize aerosols, dust, or liquid treatments appropriate for the situation. 
  • Lastly, we provide proper documentation for the treatment done on your premise. The documentation includes everything that was there in the treatment procedure.

How Do Bees and Wasps Create Nests?

Since more than 70% of all bee nests are constructed by excavating holes in the ground, the soil is by far the most frequent substance that bees utilize for nesting. Each species has a certain soil texture that it prefers. Some species are best suited to grow in soils that are quite silty, while others prefer sandy soils that are well-drained and well-packed with clay. While she has a mouthful of wood fibres, the queen of wasps utilizes the saliva in her mouth to break down the wood fibres until they create soft paper pulp. This process takes place while she has a mouthful of wood fibres. After that, she begins the process of constructing the nest by flying with a mouthful of paper pulp to the location she has selected. Wasp workers contribute to the construction of nests by helping to shape flexible paper pulp into a pattern of numerous hexagonal cells.

Same-Day Bees And Wasp Control Services in Strathfield

Bees and Wasps are irritating. These hazardous insects can cause health and hygiene problems also around. If you want to get rid of all of them, do let us know at the very same moment. Luckily you have landed on the dedicated Bees and Wasp Control Services in Strathfield, where the same-day bees removal and wasp extermination process can be done by following professional measures. We also provide emergency removal treatment. So let us know whenever you need us. Pest Control Strathfield is always in a state to serve the best and promising. 


How much does it cost to get rid of bees and wasps?

The typical cost of wasp and beehive removal cost depends on the situation of the property. The nest’s location and size are the most important cost variables. Attic and wall nests may need minimal destruction, whereas tree and leave nests may necessitate more specialized equipment.

If you spray a nest, would the wasps come back?

The best course of action is to leave the nest alone until the next day and then remove it. Residual effects of the spray will remove any hornets or wasps that make it back to their nest if any are still alive.

To get rid of bees, what is the cheapest method?

Because bees are unable to cope with vinegar, they perish practically instantly. Small numbers of bees in your house may be easily eradicated by combining vinegar and water in a solution. To keep bees from returning, vinegar may be used to treat certain sections of your home.

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